Can Collagen Replace Protein Powder?

Protein shakes are the staple breakfast item for many adults, primarily for the energy boost they give as well as their ability to be consumed when driving late for work.

These may seem like the epitome of a healthy diet, however, you would be sorely mistaken. Collagen has started to revolutionize the dietary supplement industry.

What Is Collagen? 

Collagen is one of the most vital proteins in the body. It is one of three macro proteins that provide the foundation for the structure of the human body. It is naturally reproduced in the body. Its production does decrease with age.

It is found in nearly every part of the body. Mainly in skin, joints, tendons and bones. There really isn’t much that collagen can’t do.

But is it an ideal replacement for pre-workout and post-workout protein shakes? To answer that, we will have to discuss the difference between complete and incomplete proteins.  

Complete and Incomplete

Out of the 20 different amino acids in the body, there are 9 in which the body cannot produce proteins on their own. The 9 amino acids the body cannot produce, we must eat. Complete proteins contain these 9 essential amino acids.

There are plant and animal forms of complete proteins in soy and egg respectively.

Collagen, however, is not a complete protein, containing only 8 of the 9 required essential amino acids. Because of this, it is not the ideal for providing the muscles with the proteins it needs for a workout. However, it is ideal for repairing the muscles after a workout.

Collagen peptides are meant to be used as a supplement. Mixing collagen in with other protein powders and diet plans will add to the effect of them.

Collagen is useful for many other things though, so with a versatile supplement like this, its hard to think about a dietary supplement without collagen. Visit today to see how you can revolutionize your diet!

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