Why are Collagen Peptides Perfect for Athletes?

Collagen is a major component of the human body. About 30 percent of the body’s total protein is collagen making it a fundamental element in tissue strength, muscle resilience, and bone density. It can also be used for hair loss, skin elasticity, as well as for decreasing the symptoms of arthritis and osteoporosis. But what are the effects of collagen peptides in the body of an athlete? Can an athlete experience higher performance energy and less injury?

The basic function of collagen in our bodies is to aid the structural integrity of organs, bones and tissue. Normal collagen production in our bodies is merely to replace weakened strands. As we age, and as we engage in physical activity, the replacement process cannot keep up with the loss leading to lower collagen levels in the body.

Athletes are at a higher risk, as strenuous physical activity leads to overused tendons and ligaments. The role of ligaments is to bind bone together, while tendons bind muscle to bones. Athletes’ tendons could get very rigid, as rigidity could aid in strength, power and speed, but it also leaves them more susceptible to injury. High performing tendons combine strength and flexibility. Collagen fibres provide the right elasticity for optimal function and performance.

  1. Collagen Increases Bone Density

Collagen increases muscle and bone density. When collagen peptides are supplemented through powder or tablet form, the body receives the ingested collagen to the areas that need it most. In essence, injuries can not only be prevented, but the healing process, along with long-term healing can be significantly increased. This is especially beneficial for contact sports such as football. However, in more endurance sports, like cross country, track and field, and swimming, many injuries come in the form of tendon injuries. Collagen peptides address the affected areas reducing tendonitis, and muscle cramps.

  1. Collagen Helps Mobility

Flexibility and mobility are essential factors when it comes to an athlete's performance. Pulling muscles, and cramps are all too often in high-intensity sports like weightlifting and MMA. Collagen supplements help keep muscles, joints and tendons strong enough to deal with high amounts of tensile force. However, collagen does not necessarily add flexibility on its own. Daily exercises that promote flexibility must be done in order to get the advanced effect from collagen peptides.

  1. Collagen Helps with Energy Conservation

Endurance is a very important aspect for any athlete. Collagen helps certain systems in the body, particularly, the circulatory and respiratory systems, helping the body maintain energy levels.  This is especially useful for athletes in track sports.

If you are an athlete, collagen could give you the natural boost you need to unleash your full potential. Furthermore, collagen peptides keep athletes in the game longer. Strenuous physical activity takes a toll on different parts of the body, which could result in bone, muscle, and tendons deterioration. As a machine needs oil to ensure its longevity, your body needs the additional collagen to ensure you will be running for time to come.



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